Judo – ‘The Way of Life’

jigorokanoJudo means different things to different people. We carve our own path and the journey in Judo is at an individualistic level. Judo was founded by Dr.Jigoro Kano in Japan towards the end of the 19th century, derived from jujitsu – a traditional fighting art of the Samurai which involves around defending oneself with nothing but one’s own body weight. Over a period of time Judo has evolved retaining its core principles and teachings. Much more than being an exhilarating sport Judo demands both physical prowess and mental discipline it is also a science which helps a child or an adult build a distinct character to his/her personality. No matter whether you train to keep t or win the World Championships, Judo will essentially empower you to face any opponent, no matter how strong. Judo is just the advanced form of jujitsu which works in a complete vice versa form as in using opponents weight and energy to convert into their own energy. Besides let’s not forget how much fun it is to learn Judo !



  • Stronger Sense of Safety

When you learn KravMaga and the self defense skills it provides, you naturally increase your confidence. This allows you to trust yourself and take appropriate action in potentially dangerous situations. Whether walking alone at night or traveling in a foreign city, you’ll feel ten times safer after having completed some KravMaga classes.

  • Stronger Instinct and Awareness

We strive to foster a level of mental strength that allows individuals to instinctually take advantage of time and space when facing an unexpected attack. By developing these skills, you’ll be able to respond to unforeseen circumstances with lightning speed.

  • Physical Power

When you take a KravMaga class, your mental strength isn’t the only thing that’s empowered. By making yourself a stronger person inside and out, you’ll be far better prepared to face real world dangers.