About Muthukumar

I am Muthukumar – Currently working as a Manager at Procter & Gamble, India. I got the opportunity to learn Judo at UJA when I was doing my MBA from SPJain Mumbai.

It was difficult to manage the schedule at that time, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

3. Role of UJA in my life:

I have been a big fan of Bruce Lee ever since I was a kid & decided to try my hands at Martial arts when I was in Mumbai.
Based on my enquiry, UJA turned out to be the best option both in terms of feedback and proximity to my college in Andheri.

I trained with UJA for more than an year & I had learnt some important lessons during these training which are helping me till today. I had moved out of Mumbai after 4 years – However, I have been in touch with UJA periodically.

a) You have to let to go of your Ego, if you have to stay abreast in an ever changing world.

I was at the age of 25+, doing my PostGraduate and I had to learn the finesse in a technique like “Uchi Mata” from students less than half my age.
In a professional world, I am easily able to learn from Graduates/Post Graduates much younger to me without any trouble.

The first thing I learnt in the class was how to take a fall. There will be all your seniors standing ready to throw to ground and once you know how to take the fall the other learning starts. I got reminded then of the famous dialogue from Rocky ” It’s not about hitting, it is about how you take the hit & get up”. One of the first thing that you learn is Resilience.

b) Being a martial artist means being a Supremely fit person. This stayed with me ever since!

There are times where I have to work for long hours throughout, however I ensure that I never miss on my exercise schedule.
In spite of a leading a typical corporate life , the fluctuation in my weight is not more than 2 kgs over the last 5 years.

4. Vote of Thanks:

” Knowing an art is one & teaching it another ”

Suresh sir,
I value the time I have spent with you and I see you as a balanced person I look up to for a lot of things.
I thank you for all the lessons you have taught me both in Judo & in life. I will always be in touch with you & look forward to continue the learning when I get back to Mumbai.