Ishaan Kanojia

Ishaan Kanojia

Being a coach, being a father, being a brother, being a son, being a friend, etc are just a handful of minimal roles Suresh sir plays. I am Ishaan Kanojia suresh sir’s son and would like to share a few glitches and glimpses and thoughts and feelings in my Heart and Mind.

I’ve heard many people saying and criticising god in many ways by saying that if my dad would have been my coach I would have been better than the others, if it would have been my heart loving member of the family I would have been got up( with bribery ). Well my dad is a person who is always for all the people, he acts like a machine for all the members who need to utilise it. Even for me he has never been bias and in class I have no shame to say that I am the one who is always getting shouted in class and is always criticised in front of all for the mistake I have made. That’s nothing but just being and having a fair play towards everyone.

Playing so many roles in life he has been committed in many things, I have personally seen him running all over Mumbai in fact sometimes all over India for urgent needs. But this has never made him be away from Judo as Judo is the only thing which he does even if he is in complete stress. Dojo is the only place in fact for all to burst out their stress in ashes… I have been stopping everything during my exams but not stopping my training; this is nothing but just an insect in mind for judo, well sometimes this inspiration makes me up the whole night but I don’t mind it as my mind is completely fresh after going to the Dojo.

In short I would just like to day that suresh sir has always helped and prioritised my timings for helping me fulfil all my needs. He has always also acted as a source of inspiration for me. He has created success in failure and it is also said that there is always a source of power behind it and that is my mum Pooja mam. She has always been strong and acted as a backbone not only for sir but also to the Dojo. UJA is like a large unique empire with the leadership of Suresh sir and pooja mam as well. So i would also like to appreciate the efforts put in by pooja mam as well for the creation of the wonders of many hearts.

Judo has not only acted in sports but in life as well. The sport has taught as an attitude towards the approach of life. Suresh sir while teaching relates life with the essence and sentiments of judo. As the founder of Judo Prof. Jigoro Kano had named his dojo kodokan meaning short way to heaven, which truly has a very deep meaning in itself. Like Kodokan UJA has been made which means ” UNITED JUDO ACADEMY “. This inspires a sense of unity and bond between the teacher and the students. This also states that life runs with the spirit of trust and unity and thats why it had been named United Judo Academy which was a transfer of name from the initial name Dynamic Stars Of Judo.

Thank You,
Ishaan Kanojia.