Sanndhya Chandra

Sanndhya Chandra

I’m Sanndhya Chandra, a business women, a wife & a mother.

My profession : Owner of Drama salons. I work as the Artistic Director.
As a business entrepreneur & a home maker, I have to do multi tasking.
It requires stamina, determination, positive energy & definitely good health.

I was always determined to be healthy & fit.
Amongst all forms of exercise, martial arts always attracted my attention.

In 1996 I was introduced to martial arts & was learning different forms.
2010 I decided to join UJA to formally learn Judo to master techniques and absorb its essence.
UJA has been a best platform to learn & apply the philosophy in my daily life.

My sensei, Mr. Suresh Kanojia is a soul of UJA judo.
It has been his endeavour to teach judo in its purest form. He takes special efforts to teach the philosophy & science of judo with great passion
Sensei has inculcated in me the habit of practicing judo diligently & perfectly.

UJA has place of discipline & fun. I have deepest respect for my Sensei Mr. Suresh kanojia & is the best this industry has to offer.
UJA & Sensei Suresh sir BOTH ROCK

Thank you very & happy to be associated.